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Unveiled: The Formula of Writing Success Stories at Cardea

What is the X-factor which separates some people from the rest of the crowd?

We look up with awe to people who have attained ‘REAL’ success in their lives; success which makes them ICONS in their fields. Be it Sachin Tendulkar (a century of centuries person) or Bill Gates (a college dropout who is one of the world’s richest men) or for that matter Dhirubhai who happens to be my personal favorite for his larger than life achievements.

The one thing which is common to all of them is that they all have mastered the art of interpreting one language - a language which has its own code and its own meaning.

So what is the language I am referring to? Is it tough? Is it a secret kept hidden mysteriously which is revealed to a chosen few?


It is a language which is spoken to you from the day you are born till the day you will die.

It is the language of the heart.

Listening to one’s heart is the toughest thing to do. People who took the courage to listen to their heart are now the epitome of success. It takes real courage to listen to what your heart is saying.

The biggest factor that holds us back is the world surrounding us. Most of us turn a deaf ear to our heart and start believing in the ‘Practicality’ of the choices we make in our lives. Being a practical person is actually a good thing, but enforcing that practicality on what we want to be in our lives often makes us more like ‘robots’ than ‘humans’. But we still continue to blindly follow this path esp. when our mentors use the weapon of ‘experience’.

Cardea-Labs (the educational wing of Cardea Biomedical Technologies) was founded with the aim to provide a platform for students where they would be encouraged to listen to what their heart is telling them. When a student approaches us, we try and explore what the student loves doing the most, what are his aspirations and most importantly where he pictures himself a few years down the line.

Based on that, we help the students decide the best career path for them. And when aspiration meets passion, there’s no looking back. Achieving success then becomes a mere formality for all of our students.

This formula has worked for all the 350 plus (and counting) students who have witnessed the power of Cardea. We hope to keep scripting such success stories, all the while raising the bar higher and higher into the future.

All these students dared to listen to their hearts. Are you ready to listen to yours?

MD – Cardea Labs

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Students Advisory Team is an effort to reduce the pain-points of a student while deciding upon the program/university that would suit him/her the best. If a student gets selected in any of these universities, he/she can network with our Advisory Team Member who will guide him/her in sorting out almost all the fear factors which students generally have, esp when they are leaving the country for the first time.

Ashutosh Singh

McGill University Canada

Deepak Choudhary

NUS Singapore

Megha Verma

University of Sheffields

Ritika Gupta

Imperial College London

Zaheen Nawaz

Middlesex College London

Ayush Jain

North Carolina State University

Malabika Das

Imperial college London

Rishabh Chawla

University of Glasgow UK

Varsha Chauga

Carleton University Canada


New York University-Poly

Jane Miller

University of Illinois at Chicago

Dakshaa Rai

Imperial College London

Tanvi Kalra

Univ of Glasgow UK

Hassan Nizam

University of York

Rahul Dureja

University of Southern California

Sitaram Rajaraman



University of Florida


Univ of Toledo Ohio


La Trobe University ( Australia)

Pooja Chatterjee

University of Pittsburgh


North Carolina State University

Divya Gulati

LASALLE College Singapore

Pitamber Shukla

University of Illianios

Sagar M


Gagan Narula

Univ of Tuebingen-Germany

Rishabh Gupta

Univ of Wisconsin, Madison (US)

Disclaimer: Students Advisory Team is a voluntary effort of the students in different universities across the globe, who like to network and help students aspiring to gain admission to respective universities. There are no financial obligations either from the company or from the students' side. The present and future members of the Students Advisory Team are suggested to comply with the rules of their respective universities before providing any suggestion to the students.