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Unveiled: The Formula of Writing Success Stories at Cardea

What is the X-factor which separates some people from the rest of the crowd?

We look up with awe to people who have attained ‘REAL’ success in their lives; success which makes them ICONS in their fields. Be it Sachin Tendulkar (a century of centuries person) or Bill Gates (a college dropout who is one of the world’s richest men) or for that matter Dhirubhai who happens to be my personal favorite for his larger than life achievements.

The one thing which is common to all of them is that they all have mastered the art of interpreting one language - a language which has its own code and its own meaning.

So what is the language I am referring to? Is it tough? Is it a secret kept hidden mysteriously which is revealed to a chosen few?


It is a language which is spoken to you from the day you are born till the day you will die.

It is the language of the heart.

Listening to one’s heart is the toughest thing to do. People who took the courage to listen to their heart are now the epitome of success. It takes real courage to listen to what your heart is saying.

The biggest factor that holds us back is the world surrounding us. Most of us turn a deaf ear to our heart and start believing in the ‘Practicality’ of the choices we make in our lives. Being a practical person is actually a good thing, but enforcing that practicality on what we want to be in our lives often makes us more like ‘robots’ than ‘humans’. But we still continue to blindly follow this path esp. when our mentors use the weapon of ‘experience’.

Cardea-Labs (the educational wing of Cardea Biomedical Technologies) was founded with the aim to provide a platform for students where they would be encouraged to listen to what their heart is telling them. When a student approaches us, we try and explore what the student loves doing the most, what are his aspirations and most importantly where he pictures himself a few years down the line.

Based on that, we help the students decide the best career path for them. And when aspiration meets passion, there’s no looking back. Achieving success then becomes a mere formality for all of our students.

This formula has worked for all the 350 plus (and counting) students who have witnessed the power of Cardea. We hope to keep scripting such success stories, all the while raising the bar higher and higher into the future.

All these students dared to listen to their hearts. Are you ready to listen to yours?

MD – Cardea Labs

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Akaash Dev Tuteja

“I was waiting for something different”

Myself, Akaash Dev Tuteja, Graduate student at the the Polytechnic Institute of New York University. I joined Cardea as an student, just like most others, and this was the turning point of my life. A transition in life is the desire of every individual. But a measured and precise transformation of your dreams into reality is the collective work of many individuals. Cardea for me is an elixir, a penance, a medium of astonishing growth and success!
In cardea, i gained knowledge about a lot of aspects related to my life. Be it academics, Management, practicality and the most important amongst ‘em all ‘Net Working’. It’s Bonding with such amazing staff and people, allows one to engender their acumen and skills in terms of building confidence and helps amelioration of one’s personality. It was the immense hardwork and support of the team of cardea that made me achieve a place in the masters program at NYU-POLY, in BME.
NYU-POLY is amongst the best and the oldest technical universities in the US. The research areas in the field of Biomedical engineering are eminent. There collaboration with highly prestigious medical centres such as, SUNY Downstate and other institutions gives immense exposure to its aspirants.
Cardea gave me a way to live my dreams. It gave me a tremendous amount of knowledge, confidence and the potency to build an image of my own. Cardea equipped me with undisputable potential and impeccable motivation to excel in every realm of life.
My courteous regards to the directors of Cardea, Abhinav and Meghna Sareen, who with their utmost devotion gave me their time and efforts to get me through some of the best universities in the United States, such as Drexel University, NJIT, FIU and NYU-POLY.
One great man has said- “Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”
Thanking You Team CARDEA.

Akaash Dev Tuteja
B.E Bio-Engineering,
NYU-Polytech Graduate Student’12
MS-Biomedical Engineering (Imaging, Neuroscience

Tanvi Kalra

“The future depends on what we do in the present”

This is exactly what I realized after joining Cardea Labs.
Hi. I am TANVI KALRA. It gives me great pleasure to share my experience at Cardea Labs. CARDEA for me has proved to be the best platform I got in my entire academic career in UG. Efforts and expertise of the team members helped to develop my interest for the BIO-MEDICAL field. Their effort made me achieve an admission in UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW for M.Sc. in BRAIN IMAGING METHODS which is among top 10 universities for their annual research contract income.
CARDEA gave me LIGHT to walk through the way and take my decisions. CARDEA helped in every way from the day I became a member of this family. It has helped me broaden my vision for the field of BIO-MEDICAL ENGINEERING. The level of my knowledge and confidence increased with every passing day. I felt that there is a huge difference before joining and now in my perspective toward the scope of the field.
CARDEA is well equipped with all the facilities that we all need. The course comprises of taught lectures (theory), practical classes, interactive and brain storming session. It has a well organized electronics (hardware) lab, place where we complete all our projects. And apart from that there are many parties that are being organized to celebrate success of students. Biomedical Engineering is a pioneering field and I feel CARDEA is the way to go about it. Additional mock interviews and Resume buildings are some splendid features for which CARDEA could really help out everyone!
Apart from all my success stories, a special thanks to Abhinav sir. He is a passionate person whose intellect, work and words are like TABLE TURNER for everyone. He has proved to be my true guide.
Thank You Team.

Tanvi Kalra
MSc - Brain Imaging
University of Glasgow - UK

Kerala Guys

Sreenath N. Nampoothiri – My Success Story

In this 21st century rat race, jobs are not just confined to the degree holders. If we’ve a bit more knowledge than that of our counterparts then it’ll be a cutting edge in job hunt. I had joined Cardea with an empty cup and I succeed to fill it with good technical skills, all it happened because of Mr. Abhinav, who has a well-balanced view about the needs of corporate clients which helped me in getting a job in Siemens. Now I’ve a thorough knowledge in circuit designing and troubleshooting.

Midhun Prem – My Success Story

I was lurking down the barrel after completing my bachelors, I heard about your novice, Cardea. It was really a lucrative experience for me. I really got to know what’s electronics and its basics, else I’d have been busted in this field. Without the training I wouldn’t have attained the podium, a job at Siemens. The zest full teaching and expert advice on various biomedical techniques made an ameliorative effect on my technical knowledge. With all pride I can say that the training helped me to pile up ample erudition in medical electronics.

Arun Chundayil – My Success Story

Sophisticated world demand competitive skills to succeed and it is often stated that success is by the right choice, this is why I choose Cardea. The days which I spent here moulded my skills to impeccable range . Mr. Abhinav is playing a vital role in keeping the classes really interesting. Jovial atmosphere inspire us to learn mammoth topics with a smile. I joined here with lots of prejudice, but I’m leaving Cardea with exceptional skills in troubleshooting and designing of circuits. Moreover training helped me in securing a placement in Siemens, a dream nest of every biomedical graduate. Thanks to Cardea and Mr. Abhinav.

Dilu J Pillai

“What do you want from this training?”

Travelling more than two thousand miles I was still hesitant to answer the question. Making up courage, I said, “JOB”. He asked.
Well, that was six months ago when I was confused, thoroughly disappointed; the time when future seemed too bleak.

“JOB??!!!”, He answered.

I felt a jolt of disappointment inside me. It seemed to be impossible to get job after doing B.E in Bio Medical Engineering and my hopes got darker. Who would dare to travel with fewer dreams in heart??

“Hmm! Job well, that won’t be a problem” He continued.

I’m Dilu J. Pillai and that was my first acquaintance with Mr. Abhinav of Cardea Labs, That made me feel better.

I’m proud to say that, after finishing my course my single stride in which I chose Cardea to pursue my dreams became a life turner. Being a part of Cardea was more than just inspiration; there was passion, dedication and life. When the latter ones sum up, hard work just flows from you.
Never before, I was in such a place that was filled with deep enthusiasm. The curriculum (CCBME) which contained The Medical Electronics, Embedded Systems and MatLab was indispensable for a Bio Medical Engineer. Those essential subjects were covered flawlessly with the vast research opportunities in the field clearly opened before us. The classes were not rammed; it was cozy with the entire cluster getting attention. The faculties were very helping and friendly. They moved from one topic to another after assuring that we had gained thorough knowledge about each, when all doubts were welcomed with appreciation.
The mock interviews which we had fortified us to face the real challenges. We had many sessions to boost the knowledge about various products before facing the interview board. Even now, when I’m away from Cardea, being an alumni brings me a lot of opportunities for my future. The constant support that the staff still provides is noteworthy. As told, I can find the doors of Cardea always open before me.
In the end, my journey wasn’t wasted .I was at the right place. Job wasn’t a problem. Things were smooth the best way they could be. When I had my journey back, I was fresh, confident and had a smile.

Dilu J Pillai
B.E Bio-Engineering,
LnT Medical

Pritish Sharma

“What it takes to be a good Biomedical Engineer”

“In my view I got to know what real Biomedical Engineering is all about only at Cardea!!! “

I believe Cardea is the best thing which happened to me in my career as it opened several opportunities for me after my engineering viz. R&D, Entrepreneurship, higher studies, amongst others. Cardea Team helped me in getting the hands on practical knowledge of all the concepts which I read only in text books at college. Training programs are specially designed for Biomedical students which is a rare thing in this IT world.
The research project I did at Cardea Labs helped me in understanding how medical devices are designed and developed. Cardea Labs is just not a research lab but much more fun than that. The brain storming sessions on device development are a bliss.
The mentors at cardea labs explore and open new avenues for career development for each student. The mentors helped me improve my resume constantly also the mock interview sessions helped me a lot to successfully clear various corporate interviews.
With the constant support of the mentors I was able to successfully crack four corporate interviews before I opted for the best available opportunity.. All because of Cardea!!
So in many ways I owe a lot to mentors at Cardea Labs..!!

Thanks a lot Cardea!!

Pritish Sharma
Draeger Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurav Bhasin

“It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to realize my dream without Cardea.”

I am Gaurav Bhasin and i did my BE in Biomedical from CITM,FBD (2006-2010). I thoroughly enjoyed my engineering days until I sat down for an interview in a company and found my electronics was so week. My friends decided to change the industry and go to IT, but I was determined to remain in my field. I was searching for a place where I could strengthen my electronics basics until I heard about Cardea Labs from one of my classmates. She was very happy studying in Cardea labs and suggested me to join Cardea.
I went to Cardea Labs and met the MD, Mr Abhinav and we had a long chat because I wanted to make it clear with what I exactly wanted. I took up their famous Cardea Certified BioMedical Engineering Course. By that time I joined a company Panoptes Secure India Pvt Ltd but my dream company was GE. I dreamt of going to GE when I was in college. In Cardea I not only cleared my basics of electronics but I also learned Biomedical Signal Processing and Embedded systems.
It was amazing to see the MD himself taking personal interest in providing the training to students. I loved his unique style of teaching the electronics concepts by examples which helped me in memorizing small basic concepts and after a few months I got a call from GE for interview and this time I was confident to tackle them. I answered all their questions smartly because my basics were clear this time and after 3 technical rounds I was selected for MRI modality.
I would like to thank Abhinav sir and the whole team of Cardea for supporting me and making my dream come true.
I would highly recommend Cardea Labs to all who are would want to make a good career in Biomedical; be it job or higher studies. Cardea helps in preparing students for higher studies by assigning good research projects and their tie-ups with foreign universities.

Gaurav Bhasin
GE - Wipro Healthcare


Nishtha Matta
Associate Software Engineer

Joining Cardea Labs has been the greatest turning point of my academic life. The highly skilled, dedicated team of Cardea Labs especially Abhinav Sir are the prime reason I got a great start in my career.Four years of engineering did not equip me with the right skills to be accepted in the industry but Cardea Labs trained me in all spheres viz Medical Electronics, Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, etc to complete me as an engineer.

So Cardea Labs has started a great initiative to bridge the gap and provide the medical industry with well trained and highly equipped engineers.Conducting Mock Interviews to help one get the nuances of answering right, Brain Storming Sessions to help you generate a great idea, the never ending enthusiasm of the team to do something big and extraordinary are all forte of Cardea Labs.Abhinav Sir as a mentor have been a great support. He shared all his knowledge and experiences with us students to prepare us well for our futures. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my mentors at Cardea Labs which opened great opportunities for me to explore in the Biomedical and IT Industry. So all the students looking for brighter avenues to kickstart their career, join Cardea and become part of the LEGACY!!

And here's wishing Cardea Labs "All the very best" for all their future endeavours.

Nishtha Kapoor
SAIC(Science Applications International Corporation) India Pvt. Ltd.

I am Nishtha Kapoor and I can today call myself a complete Biomedical Engineer because of Cardea Labs. After completing my engineering though I was theoretically sound in my subjects but was always apprehensive when it came to the practical aspects of BME. Joining cardea labs was one of the best decisions I made and learnt what actually goes into becoming a true Biomedical Engineer.

Medical electronics never felt as interesting as it felt while learning it at cardea along with the practicals and the regular assessment tests. We were trained under the best mentors one can ever get. We learnt how devices are designed, how they interface with the computer and how various signals are processed. The course is designed in proper modules and their methods of teaching made the studying experience all the more interesting. Abhinav Sir and all the other faculty members always encouraged us to think of innovative ideas and believed in us and constantly supported us. They took regular mock interviews so as to groom us for any interview. The indepth practical knowledge of my subjects has helped me gain a level of confidence which reflects whenever I sit for any interview and has perhaps, helped me get into a good company. I will always owe my successs to cardea labs. Once you are a part of the cardea family there is no looking back and I know that I can always come down to my mentors whenever I need any guidance and I know I’l get the best.

Thanx a lot to the entire cardea team and all the very best for all future endeavours.

Service Engineer,
Trans Healthcare Limited.

Hi myself Naveen.G presently working as a Service engineer in Trans health Limitted chennai. For me CARDEA is my biggest breakthrough in my life. After finishing my B.Tech biomedical engineering i am very scared about my future. I tried to get job in biomedical companies. I found it very difficult to get a job especially as a fresher. I heard about CARDEA and i joined there for training. Believe me within one and half month i got offer letter from trans health care for service engineer post. I must thank Mr. Abhinav who built my confidence level in technical as well as non technical parts like cracking the interview and all. CARDEA provided hands on training in Medical electronics, Matlab, and Embedded system. It was really wonderful to learn both theory and practical together.

So for me definitely CARDEA shaped my future as biomedical engineer. So joining CARDEA is one of my best decision taken in my life. I will always be grateful to Cardea and especially Mr. Abhinav.

Himani Khirbat
Assosciate Software Engineer
Accenture Services Private Limited

Hi, I am Himani Khirbat and I came to know about Cardea Labs through one of the seminars conducted at our college and once now I have been a part of it, I can surely say , it has given me a great kickstart in my career has helped me in various aspects.

During my engineering, though I learned about the concepts but it was through the meticulous sessions that I could strengthen the same with hands on practical knowledge as well. The multidisciplinary training, right from Analog Electronics to in–depth knowledge about Embedded/ microcontrollers, and last but not the least MATLAB were at par with the Industry needs and thus helped to make oneself competent for the same.

The classroom teachings, trainings, assignments, and tests helped me to get a good hold about the subjects, but there was always an environment of periodic discussions and innovative sessions conducted by the Team members which was unparalleled with anything else as it provoked to have an "out of the box" approach.

Apart from the curriculum there was a constant support from my mentors at my job front also and was motivated and helped through the mock interviews which helped me to analyse my weak points and subsequently improve them.

So, here I take this opportunity to offer a big THANKS to the Cardea Family for providing me a great platform , a motivating and competitive atmosphere and good opportunities which have made me progress in the right direction and thus I believe one can easily rely once they are in the safe hands of such an institution. I wish all the best to Cardea Labs for all its future endeavours as well.

Tanvi Gautam
Associate Software Engineer
Accenture Services Private Limited.

I had heard a lot about cardea’s personal involvement in a student’s endeavor to succeed in their chosen fields I got the priviledge to taste it personally and I am glad that I chose cardea .Whether it’s the planning of the entire syllabus or the tests conducted, its all meticulous right till the finer details.

The classroom teachings ,assingnements and weekly tests helped me a lot to grasp the finer details of all subjects and the basics of biomedical engineering.Apart from the classroom teaching the kind of practical experience which i gained through the course is unmatched as we could get a hands on training on the medical devices and various instruments.The quality of questions is very good which came as a handy helpbook while facing the interviews. The analysis done by the teachers after the test and the mock interviews was fantastic and proved very useful because of which I could improve on my weak points. The competitive atmosphere coupled with personal guidance for each and every member of the cardea family sets the standard for any coaching institute.

Karan Rampal
B.Tech - BVP Pune
Persuing M.Tech, IIT Kanpur

"Cardea Labs is a must, for any Biomedical graduate, who wishes to gain practical insights in the latest and the most exciting research happening in the world. With it's mentors nothing else but the best,could have been expected. Here I have not only developed my skill set as a Biomedical Engineer but also learned about the fundamentals of research.

Cardea is a confluence of both the theoretical and practical Knowledge. The Faculty here are themselves involved with the latest research and are thus the best guides that any student can ask for. Starting from the basics and slowly building up to the most complex parts of any subject, the faculty here are truly experts in their field and more importantly are good teachers. Their influence on providing their practical and technical experience that they have obtained in the field is very valuable and is what sets Cardea Apart from other institutes.

The projects that I have worked here on have not only increased my knowledge but also the cofidence in my abilities. These have all been of Industry standards, and have done great deal for my resume.

I would like to say a word on the faculty. The faculties are the best MATLAB programmer I have seen, Microcontroller skills is outstanding and last but not the least Abhinav sir who is definately the X-Factor of Cardea, have all helped me in my endeavor as a Biomedical Engineer."

Rohit Bisani
Software Engineer
Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions

It's a very good feeling to write about Cardea as it is with a feeling heart full of gratitude. Cardea and its training helped me in various aspects and I would like to mention a few points explicitly. In a way Cardea's training not only gave me subject matter which was promised, but a lot of other important things as well.

  • A research oriented approach. This can be substantiated as we have filed apatent.
  • How to think out of the box. The sessions not only include generic training but also the director's experience in the field. These sessions brief about how we can think on similar lines which are different !
  • Finding the need of the market - Understanding the present needs. Getting to meet the best professionals in India who gave me explanations about their and patients' needs with ideas of how to implement them.
  • Get a JOB - The practical sessions helped me in understanding the basics of Engineering especially electronics and programming - the need of the hour! I was confident in answering the questions with perfection.
  • Exposure to working standards and orientation of people - To know about current research and the style of working of professionals who have achieved success. The level of thinking involved and the highest amount of dedication towards the common aim of developing technological advancement and know how gives a huge inspiration.
  • Entrepreneurship as an option and how to go about it - This is the most influential concept. It has given me a direction, now, I have a definite goal in life; an exposure to how to build and run a company which I got a chance to be a part of. An experience to interact with an entrepreneur in close proximity.

These are a few point which I explicitly note but to be at heart there are many more learnings and advantages which are inherent to the experience in Cardea. It was a wonderful experience at Cardea. I will mark it as a turning moment in my life which gave me the direction and light on my journey to success."

Ayush Jain
Recepient of 100% scholarship at UPMC - France
Currently persuing MS at NCSU, USA

"I couldn't have dreamed of getting an opportunity to do my internship from France. A few months in Cardea Labs fetched me a 3 months Internship in University of Paris VI (UPMC) - largest reseach center in Science and Engineering in France - with 100% scholarship."

Many of us are theoretically sound in academics but still are not successful professionally due to lack of exposure to real-world practical projects. I was lucky to get the right experience at Cardea Labs. At Cardea, I got a chance to be a part of research based innovative projects and learnt how to strategically solve problems. I also got acquainted with latest projects and technologies being used in various research labs around the country. The interaction of Cardea team with the Professors, Doctors and Researcherprovides a multidisciplinary approach of dealing with real-world problems. Special emphasis onEntrepreneurship opportunities has inspired me to achieve big things in life and make a difference to society.

Cheers to the Cardea Team"

Prakhar Prakash
Grad Student
Johns Hopkins University

Cardea Labs helped leverage my potential and developed my research experience, thereby aiding my chances of admission in University of California at Los Angeles and Johns Hopkins University (#1 university in biomedical) with 80% financial aid.

Cardea labs helped me gain exposure to the field of biomedical engineering. Coming from a computer science background, they provided me with necessary knowledge to work at the confluence of Computer Science and Medicine. They helped me with concepts such as physiology, which are certainly not easy to grasp for someone coming from non-medical background.

I enjoyed every single moment of my work with Cardea. There was a personal touch to the relationship with Cardea. Meghna and Abhinav, took genuine interest in my case and I received invaluable advice for my higher studies.

Cardea Labs provided me a platform to carry out meaningful research and provided me valuable assistance with writing papers based on research work, which led me to publish 2 papers in IEEE conference proceedings.

Finally, it goes without saying that joining Cardea Labs was a vital step in my career. They gave me the direction I needed and opened opportunities for me in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Vidya Sagar Mukala
Grad Student
ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology

"I am Vidyasagar Mukala and this is my success story. The reason behind my success is CARDEA. I always had a passion towards electronics but lacked the direction, guidance and a channel to bring out the best in me. I was in final year ECE, VIT University when I joined CARDEA Labs for my final year project. I was exposed to good research facilities at VIT labs but I never pushed it to a patent level project because I never had the proper people who guided me that way. I got the project at CARDEA LABSand I just got what I wanted, a direction which my career needed. We were trained day in and day out at CARDEA labs. I worked my heart out to make use of this big opportunity so did my colleagues. And here we are sitting pretty with a great career ahead. The project we finished was a big success and we pushed it to file a patent. It was never without Abhinav and CARDEA that we couldn’t have come this far. I got admission to one of the finest Universities for Electrical and Computer Engineering in United States, Georgia Institute of Technology. A Professor at Georgia Tech was impressed with my final year project because of which I am at the verge of getting a Research Assistantship which will help a great deal financing my education. I attribute my success to CARDEA. So all you people who are looking out for a successful career in Electronics and uncertain about your next step in life CARDEA is the way to go and I’m sure all of you will succeed as you have the assurance of being in the right hands when you are at CARDEA.

Cheers to the Cardea Team"